Second Chance ~ Soulful Notes

Updated: May 12, 2021

I've read so many books over the course of my adult life. There are certain lines, phrases, and thoughts that find a way into my reader mind. They settle into a welcome spot of my being, as if filling a void I never knew was there.

Many of these thoughts have inspired the characters in my stories to look at things from a fresh perspective.

I occasionally return to my previous books, reading through each chapter to ferret out those most impactful thoughts shared through my characters' words, thoughts, and actions. They help me make sense of the craziness in our world, while encouraging me to look at commonplace occurrences around me with a new eye.

This volume of my Soulful Notes Collection shares some of those inspired moments by Nick McKenna, the main character in Second Chance, along with a small nudge of encouragement from yours truly. I hope you enjoy this combination of images, words, and thoughts throughout Nick's journey. As always, stay inspired!

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