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Escaping the Rat Race

Updated: May 12, 2021

Friday evening is a coveted landmark for many people in the modern world. It signifies the end of a hard-fought work week and the start of a glorious—albeit always too short—weekend. While I share these sentiments as much as anyone, there’s another reason I look forward to this particular day. It's family pizza and movie night.

Like some of the best traditions, we never planned it, per se. It just happened. And we’ve been doing it for years now. A few weeks back, we sat down with our favorite toppings (Pacific veggie pizza from Domino’s is mine, in case you’re wondering). We cued up our family flick for the week, one my wife and I have seen before, but my teenage son hadn’t. Rat Race.

Aside from the comedic elements and the hidden message to not get caught up in the unimportant trivialities of everyday life, there was a single line in this movie I missed the first time around, probably because I was laughing so hard about my choice to not buy a squirrel (just watch it, you’ll understand).

Good things take time. Great things happen all at once.

While this thought may not prove to be true in every situation, I have to admit that I’ve been blessed by the great things all at once paradigm on more than one occasion. And it reminds me to always be ready to grab hold of a moment when it presents itself. It might surprise you in unexpected and pleasant ways.


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