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Where does our next step lead us when perfect isn’t good enough?

Samantha Charles has a well-laid plan to bring Caldwell's Coffee back to its former glory in Pigeon Grove. The only thing standing in her way is the unpredictable autumn season and an obsession with perfection. When a distant dancing memory resurfaces, Sam tumbles into a past filled with doubt and regret.

Mia Marobella is an impressionable young teenager who covets Sam's dancing expertise. Intent on following in Sam's footsteps, Mia pleads with Sam to help her, not understanding how difficult that is for Sam, as it dredges up caustic memories from a pivotal experience in her former life. With a fear of confrontation threatening to consume her, a forgotten moment beckons Sam to remember everything, no matter how painful it may be.

Stories supply a voice to the hopeful whisper in our heart.

Luca Moretti has one overarching ambition in life: to leave a lasting legacy. After so many opportunities have slipped through his fingertips, an unfounded urgency causes Luca to fixate on every chance provided to him. When a golden opportunity to finally open his jazz club is laid before him from the most unexpected source, Luca becomes mired in a vision of his future at the expense of his present. Through a healthy dose of serendipity, he's presented with a timely message.

Music speaks in a language only understood by the soul.

Stories and chords. Writing and music. Sam and Luca. Each leans on the other to choreograph a perfectly imperfect dance that connects heart and soul, revealing an elemental human truth…

It’s not what we do, but rather who we become, that defines us.

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