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How do you reinvent yourself when reality blindsides you and it feels like everything is conspiring against you?


Nick McKenna has a bright future on the horizon. A successful medical career, a beautiful fiancée, and the determination to prevail at all costs. When a freak accident robs him of his promising life, a snowball effect builds as his world crumbles around him.


Leah Hewitt is the physical therapist tasked with helping Nick build a new reality for himself. With her own unsettling past, Leah has an opportunity to kick-start her new vocational calling into high gear. The only thing standing in her way is Nick's stubbornness and… a secret that could make or break more than her career.


Are you a victim of your fate, or an architect of your destiny?


Join Nick and Leah on their journey in this heartwarming debut novel that touches on tender emotions and begs the question…


Is there the promise of a second chance for each of us?


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