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Any narrative involving a bookshop pulls me in like the opposing pole of a rare Earth magnet. The power and influence a shared story can have on our present world, the people surrounding us, and those that may come across it at some point later is undeniable. And this particular tale by Lindsay Harrel does just that.

A diverse trio of stories are told from three very different perspectives, each with their own unique voice. With Sophia and Ginny's story shared in the present, the manner in which Emily's chronicles are shared from a period of time centuries in the past but intermingles and influences those of the present-day characters warms my own author heart. It's messages like this, that we all have a story to share and that it has the power to change the world, both today and in the future, that encourages many authors to keep writing. Myself included.

The underlying message in this book addresses some serious societal issues dealing with abuse of the emotional variety. But the way Ms. Harrel weaves a tale to address these issues in a subtle way, through the power of story on many different levels, is serendipitous.

"The Secrets of Paper and Ink" holds many hidden messages, but the undeniable power of story brings them to light in a satisfying and compelling way.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️


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