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Inviting Intuition

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Dinging phones. Noisy lawnmowers. The low thrum of an overworked air conditioner outside the window.

Our attention is incessantly assaulted by distractions throughout the day. It’s why I enjoy the quiet solitude of early morning more than any other part of the day, long before the rest of the world has woken up. I settle into a chair, rock back and forth, and listen through the silence. I don’t always hear thoughts or feel emotions, but when I do, it’s because I’ve stopped trying to force them into existence.

Intuition lives inside us, reminding us that sometimes the best way to gain control is, ironically, to let go of it.

There are so many things hiding in plain sight, but we’re often blinded by an onslaught of daily interruptions that throw a veil over those otherwise visible entities. But there’s always our sixth sense—intuition—that nudges us closer toward the truth.

For years, our family has lived in the same Florida home, breathing the same air circulating through our HVAC system. There has always been a sixth sense, some unspoken gut feeling that something wasn’t right about it. And yet, we pushed forward, living life and allowing ourselves to become distracted by the barrage of other daily details pining for our attention.

It wasn’t until visible mold began appearing on the outside of our A/C vents that we uncovered the larger truth. After a complete overhaul of the duct system, we learned what our instincts had already known without actually seeing it: there was mold running rampant throughout our supply lines and circulating through our home each and every day.

It’s ironic how, so often, we ignore hunches, premonitions, or funny feelings that don’t seem to make any sense. And while these particular circumstances I shared ended up resulting in a negative outcome, I remain optimistic. There are just as many positive outcomes waiting for us to grab hold of them, if only we trust those inner feelings and act upon them. What awaits us on the other side of a foggy forest bank might just be another group of tall trees, but nestled in those woods might be a path that encourages us to keep moving forward with confidence, without needing to see where it actually leads us.


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