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Goose Bumps

Updated: May 12, 2021

Our family watches a small number of television shows together each week. There’s something about music that unites people. Whether it’s country, rock, pop, or a mix of everything, when a musician connects with a song, the audience feels that deep vibe.

As weeks passed during this competition, we each watched our favorites voted off, some earlier than others. Even though we no longer had our front-runners to cheer on, we still held onto the hope for a visit from the goose bump fairies. A performance that leaves you mesmerized with inspiring chills.

It happened in the season finale, from a contestant who did not advance to that point in the competition. I remember being transfixed as I listened to the duet performed by Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and Katy Perry. Google it. I promise it will not disappoint.

The thing I realized, and what I wanted to share, is that you need not win... to be a winner. We can each impart something significant upon those around us, no matter where we fall in our misguided comparison to other people. Be yourself, and you’ll be both the giver and receiver of those elusive goose bumps. And that’s a beautiful feeling.


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