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The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

I picked this paperback up in my local B&N and was immediately captivated by the witty banter and playful sarcasm of the lead character, Nina Hill. The premise of the story, the mystery involved, and my identification with the protagonist had me walking out of the store excited to dive into this story and travel the roller coaster of emotions alongside each of the characters.

While the story line, plot, and characters were well developed, I felt as though I was traveling across a countryside full of rolling hills instead of peaks and valleys. There are places for these even-tempered books, but I was hoping for a more mountainous journey, something that would take me to the highest highs and deepest lows of someone in Nina's position. And although I know there is a lighthearted tone to her character and she tends to be more reserved, it doesn't mean she couldn't react a bit more to circumstances that warrant it, even if it's only to herself.

I found myself reaching the final page of the story and expecting more. Things were brought to a close with many members of her extended family, friends, and love interest, but it somehow felt incomplete to me. Like there could have been more personal transformation, more feeling and emotional arc to the journey.

Any book that includes bookshops and interesting trivia facts pique my interest. I only wish I could have *felt* the characters emotions a bit more. It was right there, waiting to explode with energy onto the page, but it came up just short for me.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️


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