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After I Do

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The title of this book intuitively predicts that this story is about marriage. But after reading it, I realize that it’s about so much more. Yes, the partnership between husband and wife is one type of relationship, and this novel focuses on that connection as the primary storyline.

However, the myriad of subplots and supporting characters allow the reader to see how relationships of all varieties are both unique and special. Whether familial, romantic, friendly, or casual, Taylor Jenkins Reid has linked the underlying joys and challenges inherent in each human connection we encounter on a daily basis.

I believe every author attempts to find a way to convey emotional authenticity through their stories and words. But the way Ms. Reid goes about doing so resonates with me on a deep level. She is able to portray a genuine representation of everyday life without all the romanticized notions present in other novels. As a reader, we recognize all the messy and complicated parts of life. Things don’t always work out exactly as planned or how we hoped they might, and for some reason, that parallel to real life allows us to feel more connected to the characters, story, and emotions layered beneath what we experience on the surface.

As with all Taylor Jenkins Reid novels, it’s easy for me to recommend this one. Whether you’re married or single, the underlying message about navigating the turbulent waters and embracing the exuberant joys of any relationship we experience on a daily basis provides motivation, insight, and hope for a more connected human experience, which I believe is a foundational need for our future as a society.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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