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New Limits

Updated: May 12, 2021

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I better stick to romantic fiction. Seriously though, a long time ago, in a school far away, I used to know calculus. Every character has a backstory. For those of you who don’t know mine, I only stumbled across my love for writing about seven years ago. It started as an innocent blog to catalogue my thoughts about the world. It eventually morphed into flash fiction, short stories, and now—novels. Alas, I digress… again.

My formal education is from Penn State with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I know, who would have thought, right? That degree involved math, and a lot of it. Fast forward several years. My son is immersed deep in the college application process. Torn between study in the fields of engineering, meteorology, or geophysics, there is one thing that’s certain about his future. He’ll also need a lot of math. To make sure I can be a somewhat adequate mentor for him, I’ve begun taking the online AP Calculus BC course that he’s enrolled in for the upcoming school year.

Oh boy. Major flashbacks. It’s funny. We all know that sights and smells trigger memories. But who knew that integral signs and the mention of L’Hospital’s rule could do the same? Limits and derivatives have found a way back into that dusty corner of my mathematical mind.

But it reminds me of something. Unlike math, life is not an exact science. And while that might seem unnerving at times, it’s inside that thought where we find boundless opportunity, where we discover that even the sky is not a limit.


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