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Firefly Lane

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

In a world that sometimes encourages us to chase numbers (follows, likes, friends), this story is a refreshing reminder that quality always wins out over quantity. Relationships come in all forms. We’re born into some and romantically motivated by others. But there are those that we choose from a much deeper place. Friendship is a fine mix of fragile and robust. There is never any obligation to continue one of these relationships, either through familial bonds or vows taken. And yet, it’s that never-ending choice, to be there no matter what, that makes friendship a bond that holds a special place in our lives and makes it one of the most remarkable human experiences available to us.

In most stories, I’m often inclined to compare the characters’ lives to my own, or to pull some underlying message to the surface and apply it to my own life after reading a story. And perhaps I’ve done that, in a way, through the previous paragraph. But more than anything, this story was all about how I felt along the way. There is an intangible quality about the way this story is shared, over so many years and through so many varied emotions that makes it feel more authentic than most others.

Seeing Kate and Tully pursue their separate dreams, watching their paths unfold and diverge, but never quite far enough to break that ethereal bond of friendship is an inspiring reminder that when you have your tribe surrounding you (and when your best friend is the leader of that tribe), anything is truly possible.

I remember, as a young boy, running up and down the hill around my grandmother’s house at sunset. With cupped hands, I would wait for that blink of light from the first firefly of the evening. I’d run with some indescribable joy toward it, only to have it disappear for a few moments, then reappear again in a new place. That experience reminds me of friendship. We have our own lives. We do our own thing and disappear from time to time, but we always emit a light, like a beacon, that draws us back toward those who resonate with us and help us embrace that indescribable joy and sense of belonging that comes from the special bond of friendship.

Kate and Tully’s bond, through thick and thin, alongside that memory of my own Firefly Lane in my grandmother’s backyard, brings a smile to my face, a reminder that home is where your friends are.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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