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How to Bake a New Beginning

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Cooking entails a balance, of following recipes while inserting your own personality to create something unique and delicious. The same can be said about writing a compelling story.

I love to cook. Each time I pull out a new recipe, my stomach grumbles with the hope of savory satisfaction. The same can be said about opening a book by a new author. My heart skips a beat with the hope of an emotional connection.

Not every recipe or new book turns out as expected, but it never stops me from embracing the anticipation of finding that next delectable offering, whether it be served on a plate or in the pages of a book.

After sampling the first course of Ms. Knott’s story, I knew I was in for a full-flavored emotional experience. While this book has an intriguing plot and sequence of twists and turns that keep the reader engaged, it’s something else entirely that pulled me from one page to the next with insatiable hunger. The characters.

Amanda, Sabrina, and Louisa immediately became a part of my own family. The way each bonded with the two others in a genuine way, complete with sisterly discords, added a depth to the emotional experience when they came together as a family to grieve, to celebrate, and to lean on each other in times of need. And the way members of their extended family portray their own vulnerable emotions against the backdrop of parallel tenderhearted love stories brings a smile to my romantic heart.

The entire family, across three generations, conveyed the same genuine connection and love that made this novel a true pleasure to consume. Coupling that with the brilliant portrayals of the Amalfi Coast, the village of Orzoro, and the culinary treats shared throughout the prose, my hunger was satisfied in all capacities across each of the senses.

You can tell when an author has become one with their story. To do that with a single character is amazing. To do so with three sisters, a loving grandpa, an up-and-coming rock band, and an Italian pastry shop owner is bellissimo.

If your next literary recipe calls for an exploration of family bonds, following your dreams, discovery of love, and emotional connection, “How to Bake a New Beginning” is a wonderful opportunity for your palate to sample, one delicious word and experience at a time.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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