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An Unexpected Journey

Updated: May 12, 2021

There hasn’t been much of an opportunity to gallivant around the country (or town, for that matter) over the past couple months. But that doesn’t mean I don’t travel in other ways. I’ve taken some time to escape from the four walls of my home through a few Hallmark Channel Movies. And I watched one of my favorites in a while last month: Just My Type.

I’m a sucker for romantic movies. Throw in ones that involve authors or writers and they’re pretty much a must see for me. So, needless to say, and at the risk of becoming too punny given the image above, I was hooked.

Go boldly in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagine.

They’re such cliched words. We’ve all probably heard them at least once in our lives, and maybe so many times that we’ve become numb to them. But that’s where the power of story comes into the picture.

When you have that message delivered in a fresh, compelling, and heartwarming way, it has the power to sink in and make a tangible difference. It’s probably not coincidence that chapters for my current novel began flowing onto the page after watching this one. I won’t spoil the story line for you. But, if you’re a writer, or if you might be looking for some healthy feel-good inspiration during this time of isolation, schedule this movie from Hallmark on your DVR and grab a bowl of popcorn. It’s worth it.


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