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A Grand Revelation

Updated: May 12, 2021

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the details of everyday life and our to-do lists that we forget to breathe. Well, not literally, because our bodies are kind enough to do that for us. But mentally and emotionally, we need to exercise our free will to inhale and exhale.

For me, that was imposed upon me through a last-minute opportunity, perhaps at the moment when I needed it the most. The universe has a way of looking out for us like that.

With my teenage son ready to take a day off from homeschool life and spend a day at Disney World with a good friend, I was the chauffeur for their adventure. As it turns out, I was given the chance to experience my own fantastical journey, without nearly as much movement.

After dropping them off the two teenagers at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, I found my way to the Grand Floridian resort. Winding along the pathway through the Polynesian Resort and past the Wedding Pavilion where I wedded my beautiful wife, the stroll was emotional therapy in itself.

With the grand piano being played in the lobby and cup of freshly brewed Disney coffee beside me, I opened up my laptop and began typing. Even amidst the chaos of tourists coming and going, random outbursts from toddlers, and an overall disorganization to the environment, the calming influence of that piano and a gentle tilt of the head skyward presented me with the view in this photo.

I wrote over 2000 words while seated at this location, not something I expected from myself in this seemingly unsuitable setting. It’s in this spot that I was transported from an early 20th century Victorian-style lobby to a contemporary small Southern mountain town in north Georgia. Drew Stratton and Maria Caldwell’s first meeting with each other, although somewhat unsteady, was authentic and revealed emotions neither was anticipating. It reminded me just how curious and imaginative the mind can be when you give it the opportunity to explore.


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2 comentarios

Mara H
Mara H
05 oct 2021

Thank you for writting this

Me gusta
Dave Cenker
Dave Cenker
08 abr 2022
Contestando a

There is a true magic in bringing our individual stories together as one, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to do just that. May the joy of exploration find you at the most serendipitous moments possible, and may your imagination always be your guide.

Me gusta
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