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One True Loves

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Love is many things. Everlasting and ephemeral. Physical and emotional. Complicated and simple. With all these varied facets, is it possible to mix them all together and still arrive at “true” love?

That is the question presented by Ms. Reid in this emotive novel. The three main characters in this novel—Emma Blair, Jesse Lerner, and Sam Kemper—are each put into an impossible situation from the same occurrence. At first, it might seem as though this story is nothing but a contrived and peculiar love triangle. But it is so much more.

I’ve read books where I’ve felt as though I’m living through an experience alongside a character. But there haven’t been many times where I’ve felt the need to pause reading, to literally catch my physical and mental breath. The emotions, and more importantly, how they were conveyed through the author’s words held an authenticity that bordered on frightening. Those feelings of utter loss coupled with intense joy tossed my fragile heart into the air. As it reached a peak, I watched it metaphorically plummet toward the concrete sidewalk below, certain it would shatter into a million tiny pieces.

But at the last second, with a most satisfying message that defines true love in its “truest” form, a pillow appeared beneath me, providing a soft place to land.

True to my initial suspicions, I have become completely enamored with Ms. Reid’s manner of emotive yet authentic storytelling. It has my next planned novel, yet again, being quite predictable.

If you’ve ever loved and lost someone, felt like a wandering soul during that painful journey while learning to love again, or simply identify with every heartbreaking and heartwarming aspect of love, this novel will prove that love is many things.

Complicated and simple. Physical and emotional. Ephemeral at sometimes, everlasting in others.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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