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A Golden Moment

Updated: May 12, 2021

To say the last several months have been challenging would be an understatement. And every person around the world, no matter where you call home, could probably relate to the sentiments I share through that message.

Technology has often come up short in bridging that in-person gap that has widened during this difficult time. But it came through in a big way last week. My sister and I have been scheming for the better part of the past year: how could we make our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary something they’d never forget?

Well, as you might expect, our options were rather limited. Enter Zoom. Through an interconnected virtual party that spanned every corner of the country, we were able to celebrate and share stories that brought us closer together as a family.

In a twist of irony, we embraced the most modern advances of technology to travel back in time and reminisce about the wonderful 50 years leading up to the present day.

Time does indeed zoom by, and circumstances might not be ideal, but there’s always a way to connect with those most important to us. And even if it’s through the image on a laptop screen, the emotions and feelings shared are as real as ever.


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