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Someone Else's Shoes

We spend so much of our lives doing our best to carve a path that feels fitting and worthy. This novel supports the premise that suitable path only appears when we're forced to walk in another person’s shoes.

It's a turn of phrase that is usually metaphorical in nature. But in a way that few can do, Ms. Moyes puts a literal spin on this thought that complements the customary interpretation beautifully. The mix of characters from all walks of life, each dealing with their own set of problems, is superbly done. As readers, we feel the pain and hurt and anger and sense of hopelessness that accompanies each person amidst their plights. And in a peculiar way, each is intent on plowing through their issues alone.

But sometimes the universe insists there is a better way... together. The way Sam, Nisha, Jasmine, and Andrea come together from such varied circumstances is impressive in its own way. But how they work to help each other deal with the other's issues in a selfless manner helps restore my faith in humanity alongside that quiet whisper from some higher power that we're all meant to go through this journey called life together.

It can often be messy and imperfect and filled with uncertainty. But knowing that you have someone else in your corner, appreciating that others have walked in your shoes, makes a monumental difference that helps you recognize the most important things in life.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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