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The Last Book Party

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Two words encapsulate my sentiments for this story: oddly fascinating.

I've spent the last several books immersed in tales of novelists, poets, journalists, and bookshops. And this one was decidedly different from those other reads. For the first two-thirds of this books, I was compelled to turn each page based upon the plot: what was happening. While the characters were not necessarily shallow or under-developed, it was the sense of what was occurring, where it was happening, and how it was unfolding that captivated me.

And then... over the last third of the book, the revelations presented to the reader, and the accumulation of hints over the course of the story fleshed out each of the character's stories in a way that would make a re-read highly intriguing, if only to see the completed story through each character's eyes with the knowledge gained over that final third of the book.

While the story seemed to meander at times, in a sense, it’s reflective of real life, especially when we’re fighting to find our place in the world. Eve’s perspective, her complicated journey, and the way she stumbles through it felt authentic, complete with its faux pas and endearing revelations.

As an author myself, the lessons learned throughout this story remind me that no matter where we are or what path we take through life, we each have a story to share, and we each need to find our own unique way to do so.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️


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