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The Simple Wild

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

There is nothing simple about this book, and that is a beautiful thing.

I have read several books set in the Alaskan wilderness. The terrain, weather, and living conditions are ever-changing and unpredictable. This novel and its characters become one with their wild surroundings, some more quickly than others, but with an undeniable certainty that Mother Nature and this author present through a compelling emotional journey.

The way Ms. Tucker gives the reader a view of relationships from every conceivable angle (familial, friendly, and romantic) allows us to see that even though each one is unique, it doesn’t mean they aren’t all universal as well. There is an overwhelming theme of connection running throughout this story, sometimes in more superficial ways than others. But when diving beneath the surface and letting ourselves see the truest emotions hiding underneath what’s shown, there’s a sort of texture to what we feel, providing a barometer that shows us what’s truly important in life.

The moments of witty banter mixed with serious conversations provide a balance to the reading experience that I truly appreciated and enjoyed. The growth for each of the characters in this book and the manner in which they draw nearer to their roots and what’s truly important to them is simultaneously motivating and encouraging.

And perhaps above all, the one overarching and subtle message I received from this story and the author is more important than any other literal one shared throughout the elegantly composed prose. It’s never too late to make a change and become the person you’ve always meant to be.

It’s such a simple idea that sometimes does feel quite wild. But when a story helps you believe in the power of choice so strongly, it deserves a place front and center on one’s bookshelf to remind us of all the possibilities that might significantly change the view of our world and our connection to the people in it.

Dave’s Rating: ☕️☕️☕️☕️


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